Solar products both Carry-out and 5 Star Home Solar Installations by HOME PRO SOLAR

Home Solar Service with #1 Solar Engineer/EE on Staff

HOME PRO SOLAR – Provides the Home Solar Systems you need from a single solar panel powered water-well pump system to packaged carry-out 1000 watts system, 2kw solar system and three kilowatt complete Home Solar Systems. HOME PRO SOLAR – also offers aloha custom engineering services for high KW specialized commercial installations and is the only 5 Star solar install service available by the hour.  Save Big!

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#1 rated SolarWorld solar panels in traditional blue and new bl.

Testimonial: Great home service pro from Solar Of Hawaii. Zero down time for 164 SolarWorld panels over 8 years of solar pro service.

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Mitsubishi high-performance Home Solar Panels

Home Pro High-performance solar panels for a great home solar system on a budget.

HOME PRO SOLAR – 60 cell ALL BLACK 315W Professional Solar Panels

These HOME PRO SOLAR panels are new, with 5 year manufacturer warranty!! These are perfect for on or off grid solar system set-ups. The black on black panel gives a super aesthetically pleasing look to any roof.

Rated Power: 315W
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 39.85V
Max power voltage (VMP): 32.8 V
Short circuit current (ISC): 9.71 A
Max power current: 9.16 A
Maximum system voltage: 1000V IEC
Fuse Rating: 15 A
Professional junction box with bypass diodes and standard pro solar connectors
Weight: 41 lbs x 3
Dimensions: 65″ x 39″ x 1.5″

Superior quality pro solar products with outstanding customer service, fast pro installation and excellent solar savings.

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